Minimum of two hours for any event from £250.00 dependant on date and location – please email us for a quotation 


Studio Caricature

£150 for a colour head and bust A4 caricature (1 person or 1 pet)  
Group caricatures will be printed to A3 size. 
Professionally printed on Pro gloss photo Paper and framed (digital image only £130) 
Postage and Packaging will be added if required£15 for a black and white line drawing caricature (hand drawn) A3 head and bust per person or pet

£25 for a black and white digitially drawn caricature A4 head and bust per person or pet (image only) 

Pet Commission


Wedding Commission
A Happy Couple Caricatured

£170 A unique guest signing frame incorporating a colour caricature of the bride & groom (full body with wedding outfits) with room for friends and family to write a personal message for them on the day – a personal ‘forever’ memento of the special day (a small framed copy as a gift for family is £50)

A4 professionally printed on pro gloss photo art paper and framed A3 plus size postage and packaging if required

We can also produce small framed caricatures of the bridesmaids and groomsmen as their gift for the special day – contact us for more details 

Prints Available

Prints are avalable of existing portfolio pieces. £25 + Postage and Packaging.